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A complete range of superior quality services!

We offer a complete range of services to meet your residential and/or commercial needs. Naturally, any custom work or special requests will be considered. If you have a marvelous idea and need help to make it a reality, do not hesitate to contact us

With Paysagiste M.L., service comes first!

Services: Driveways

Driveways: The secret to curb appeal

Enhancing your home's curb appeal makes it all the more inviting. We can turn your dream driveway into reality, wathever the style: curvaceous and fanciful, stately with a spectacular motif, posh and self-assured, or long and winding with a dramatic flourish. We can make your driveway a personalized reflection of your lifestyle.

Services: Patios

Patios: Create your own little paradise

A patio is both an extension and an enhancement of your home's interior. It can form the backdrop to many of our life's precious moments, such as enjoying your first coffee of the day, sipping an aperitif after a hard day's work. Enjoy the longer days of summer with friends, host a family barbecueor quitly contemplate the world around you.

Services: Poolsides

Poolsides: Seize the summer

What better way to soak in the precious summer than to lounge by the pool? Whether sipping tall, cool drinks with friends or reclining with your favorite magazine, do it in style with a poolside of precious stones and make the biggest splash of all.

Services: Walkways

Walkways: Follow your own blissful path

Usher in guests with a welcoming, winding walk leading up to your home. Take a sooothing stroll to the pool. Traipse along a picturesque path all the way to your colorful flowerbeds. Walkways do not only connect the various areas of your home's exterior, they Beckon for them to be explored.

Services: Steps, Planters and Retaining Walls

Steps, Planters and Retaining Walls: Accents to add the perfect finishing touch to your landscape

Design a cascade of steps leading down to the backyard of up to your home. Make your beautiful flowers stand out with an inventive arrangement of built-in planters. Create an elegant landing with overlook to the pool or the garden. A polished look is in the details, so be as choosy as you want!

Services: Steps Refacing

Steps Refacing: Make your home more inviting

Your old steps are falling apart, you sincerely dislike them and they certainly do not embellish your home? It is now possible to cover your cement steps with 45mm thick pavers.

Services: Waterfalls

Waterfalls: Details that get noticed

What is more pleasant to hear than the peaceful sound of water gently flowing in your yard. When building a wall, a planter or other, we can incorporate a waterfall that will make it absolutely unique.

Services: Fences

Chain Link and Ornamental Fences: Let us fence your paradise

Paysagiste M.L is the installer for Clotûres Héritage, qwho offers a variety of good quality products made from Aluminium and Chainlink. The elegance and durability of their products will satisfy the most astute customers.

Services: Rock Gardens, Water Gardens, Landscaping

Rock and Water Gardens, Landscaping: Superior quality landscaping

The exterior layout of your residence is as important as the interior decoration. A well planned and executed landscape design increases your enjoyment of your property and the value of your home. With more than 20 years of experience, Paysagiste M.L. is the team you can trust.